X-Files’ David Duchovny Shares New Single ‘Tessera’

In case you weren’t aware, aside from his seminal role as X-Files co-lead Fox Mulder, David Duchovny is also a pretty seasoned musician. He’s currently readying the release of his third record Gestureland, and he’s today shared the lead single from the record titled ‘Tessera’.

The contemplative track leans into the sadness felt when drifting apart from loved ones.

Speaking to Consequence of Sound, Duchovny says the track was inspired by the Latin meaning of the word Tessera.

“I think I was thinking about loved ones who were getting older and forgetting, losing sight of the big picture,” he said.

“[I] remembered the Latin word tessera for a piece of a mosaic, a single tile, and was playing with this feeling of puzzle pieces, a disjointed mosaic, of not being able to finish the puzzle anymore.”

Whilst writing the track, he came to the realisation that this feeling might be a common one.

“That’s how it kind of feels all the time, if you’re being honest,” he explained. “Even when you’re young, you can be a bit confused with the puzzle — que sera.”

Listen to the track below.

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