Wedding Venue Accidentally Leaks Info On New Arctic Monkeys Album

A posh wedding venue on England’s Suffolk coast has inadvertently spilled some major beans on Arctic Monkeys‘ new album.

According to a since-deleted blog post on Butley Priory’s website, your favourite Sheffield rockers were bunkered down at the venue’s swanky accom throughout June and July, recording the follow-up to 2018’s Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

“We’ve had a band staying for the last month recording,” the post read. “Musicians love the acoustics in the Great Hall and Drawing room, with their huge vaulted ceilings.”

“Being serenaded while watering and weeding the garden, listening to the double bass, drums and piano wafting out of the open double doors, was pretty nice. Thank you, Arctic Monkeys.”

Though the telling post was swiftly deleted, likely after the band caught wind, it wasn’t quick enough for fans, who managed to nab a screen grab.

Check it out:


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The band previously promised us we wouldn’t have to wait another five years for their next album, and it seems they’re on track to deliver, with the UK hotel inadvertently spilling the beans.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Monkeys top the divisive Tranquility, which was described by Music Feeds‘ writer Riley Fitzgerald as “something still very much an Arctic Monkeys record but just as equally a sci-fi fantasy, the kind where John Lennon, Rick Deckard, David Bowie and The Style Council all mingle on a boat as it’s drifting downstream on summer’s day but really they are all on the Holodeck of Star Trek’s Enterprise travelling warp speed”.

You can read a love letter to the record, written by MINIQ’s Dominique Morgan, right here.

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