Watch Miiesha’s Music Video For New Single ‘Made For Silence’

Woorabinda alt-pop sensation, Miiesha has shared a brand new single today. ‘Made For Silence’ comes with a music video — which is a total vibe.

The video sees Miiesha drive around kind of aimlessly — stopping for snacks and simply vibing out. Which is basically the lived experience of anyone growing up in regional Queensland.

“I never want to be put in a box,” says Miiesha on the new single. “And I want to make songs people might not expect from me.”

“I love exploring new sounds and pushing that, pushing my voice. Life has so many moments and changes and emotions, so I want my music to as well.”

“The video for ‘Made for Silence’ continues the story of’ Damaged’,” she explains.

“In ‘Damaged’ the car represented my grandmother who couldn’t carry my family forward anymore.

“And I had to leave them behind to focus on surviving this grief myself, before I can go back for them.

“In ‘Made for Silence’ I’m moving forward with what she left behind for me, she gave me that strength to carry on.

“I’m celebrating that strength and the connection we had.”

‘Made For Silence’ follows up previous single, ‘Damaged’ and 2020’s full-length, Nyaaringu.

Watch Miiesha’s ‘Made For Silence’ music video below.

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