Watch Amy Shark Have The ‘Worst Day Of My Life’ In New Music Video

Amy Shark shared her second album Cry Forever with us back in April. Now, we have the music video for its seventh single ‘Worst Day of My Life’.

The music video sees Shark have the worst day of her life. A broken guitar string, trodden-on chewing gum, and a hand on wet paint open up the film clip.

Elsewhere, Shark gets covered in fresh grass clippings, has a hot chip thrown at her, and has hot coffee spilled all over her.

It all turns around when she replays her day, sidestepping all those terrible experiences from the first half of the clip. It’s the wholesome comeback story we all need.

The music video is directed by James Chappell, who has previously worked with Guy Sebastian.

Watch the video for ‘Worst Day Of My Life’ down below.

Amy Shark is currently embarking on her national tour for Cry Forever. Find all the dates here.

“Amy Shark is a self-proclaimed perfectionist and ‘Cry Forever’ is a testament to that,” said Music Feeds in our Cry Forever album review.

“Every riff, lyric and feature has a considered and meaningful place on the record.”

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