Vic Government Shares New COVID-19 Vaccination Ad, A Vast Improvement From Confronting Ventilator Ad

The Victorian Government has recruited a bunch of iconic Australian artists for a new COVID-19 vaccine advertisement. The ad encourages the audience to, “give the performance of a lifetime” and get vaccinated.

Lead by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the ad seeks to do what that original federal government ad was going for.

Except, instead of graphic footage of a young woman on a ventilator, they’ve used facts against vaccine hesitancy and encourage people to get vaccinated “as soon as they’re eligible.”

The video has artists share one-liners that come together to provide facts on the vaccine.

“This isn’t just about you as an individual soloist.

“Some people can’t get a vaccine. So, it’s an ensemble effort, to make sure they’re protected too.”

“So, if you’re feeling unsure about getting vaccinated, chat to your GP and they can help you get the facts.

“Because some of the stuff you read online has some pretty massive plot holes.”

The campaign features artists like Tim Minchin, Tripod, Meow Meow, and members of The Australian Ballet, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Theatre Company, and Short Black Opera.

The federal government’s previous effort to inform the nation on COVID-19 vaccinations copped some serious backlash.

It was labelled insensitive and young people around the nation were pretty miffed. They felt like the ad sought to monger fear among a demographic that isn’t eligible for the vaccine.

Bill Bowtell, adjunct professor at the University of New South Wales and strategic health policy consultant, told CNN, “Every piece of health communication should be tasteful, has to have integrity and honesty. This fails in that regard.”

Prime Minister, Scott Morrison told Sky News Australia there’s “always” going to be backlash.

“I know that, and it was only a few weeks ago that our very critics were saying that the advertising needed to be stronger, far stronger, even making references to grim reapers,” he said.

The federal government later announced a new ad, which was instead footage of people revealing bandaids on their arms.

Watch the Victorian Government’s ad below.

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