UNFD “End Relationship” With Hands Like Houses Over “Serious Allegations”

Aussie record label UNFD have announced via their UNFD Social Club Facebook group that they’ve cut ties with Canberra band Hands Like Houses due to “serious allegations against a UNFD artist” coming to light via the page earlier in the week.

In the original post made on Friday, 2nd September, UNFD stated that there was a “redacted legal letter” posted to the group on Monday, 30th August which told of “serious allegations against a UNFD artist.”

The nature of the “serious allegations” have not been made public.

The label went on to say that not much more could be said due to legal proceedings, however they wanted to “reaffirm our commitment to believing and amplifying the voices of all victims.”

The band’s singer Trenton Woodley made a separate post in the group saying that the band are “aware of the allegations”, and that they “are treating them with absolute seriousness and sincerity.”

“We are currently prohibited from any comment. When we can comment, we will do so,” he wrote.

The original post with the “redacted legal letter” was later removed by the author, which UNFD clarified in their post.

“We temporarily disabled comments on the post to provide time to contact the parties and seek legal advice and discussion was allowed to resume once we had discussed with all parties and our team. Ultimately the post was removed by the original poster for legal reasons,” the label wrote.

“Having said that, we do deeply regret disabling comments and now understand further the impact this had not only on the original poster but other victims and survivors. For this we would like to apologise unreservedly.

“We failed in communicating our reasons for doing so and all of you in the Social Club deserved that information.”

The label said that they have been contacted in regards to legal proceedings, and due to the course of law, they are unable to keep any comments up that disclose any information about the case as they didn’t want to be “liable”, nor did they want to “jeopardise any potential legal proceedings.”

The label has committed to taking “more action if necessary.”

“Abuse and violence have no place at UNFD and UNIFIED Music Group, and these values continue to guide all decision-making now and in the future,” they finished with.

Hands Like Houses are currently on all four Full Tilt Festival bills, which means they are due to perform in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne between October and January.

Read the whole post and the update here.

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