Tones And I Plans To Quit In Four Years

Best enjoy Tones And I while you still can.

The Aussie pop megastar may have only just released her debut album Welcome To The Mad House, but she’s just revealed her solo career comes packing an expiration date.

Speaking with Gawndy & Maz on the Hit Network today, the earth-conquering singer-songwriter, real name Toni Watson, said she plans to retire Tones And I by 2025 and then go full Sia, focusing on writing music behind the scenes for other artists.

“I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be Tones and I for,” Tones admitted. “I mean, realistically, I’m gonna give myself another four years and then I wanna be a songwriter.”

For now though, you can catch Tones taking it back to where it all began, performing live on a national, month-long busking tour over the coming weeks off the back of her debut LP, which Music Feeds reviewer Sally McMullen described as being like a “funhouse mirror”.

“Tones And I’s debut record twists and warps to reflect the experiences that have shaped her,” McMullen writes. “While she’s already a world-renowned pop powerhouse, Welcome to the Mad House further flexes her sincere songwriting, penchant for contagious hooks and unparalleled vocal prowess.”

Read the full review here.

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