The Winners of This Year’s Levi’s Music Prize Have Been Announced

The artists who’ll share in $90,000 of prize money as part of this year’s Levi’s Music Prize have been announced.

Ashwarya, Beddy Rays, Birdz, Jerome Farah, JK-47 and Sycco will each receive $15,000 in prize money as part of the initiative, held in partnership with BIGSOUND administrators QMusic. Winners will also receive an online mental health workshop from The Indigo Project, a digital marketing worship from Bolster and new threads courtesy of Levi’s.

“Winning the Levi’s Music Prize has always been a dream of mine,” commented Sycco. “I remember seeing G Flip and Hatchie win over the last few years and manifesting in those moments! Hopefully we can tour overseas next year so the money will definitely assist with getting over there! This is so awesome, I cannot believe it!”

QMusic CEO Kris Stewart acknowledged the impact the prize would have for the artists named, as the industry continues to struggle under the weight of the ongoing pandemic. The announcement comes just over a week after this year’s BIGSOUND conference was cancelled due to ongoing lockdown and restriction measures.

“Our musicians and the music industry at large continue to be one of the hardest-hit sectors, having to prove their resilience time and time again in the face of cancellations and tougher restrictions than other industries,” Stewart commented. “The Prize will go a long way to supporting these talented BIGSOUND artists to not only survive but thrive through COVID and beyond.”

Since partnering with BIGSOUND in 2017, Levi’s Music Prize has bolstered the careers of many emerging Australian artists. Previous winners of the prize include Tkay Maidza, Stella Donnelly and Jaguar Jonze.

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