Proceeds From Sarah Harding’s Last Single To Fund Breast Cancer Research

The proceeds from Sarah Harding‘s final charity single will be used to fund breast cancer research. In particular, the funds will be used to look into the disease amongst younger women aged 30-39.

The 39 year old Girls Aloud singer passed away over the weekend from breast cancer. She had been fighting the disease since August, 2020.

NME report that the funds from her last single ‘Wear It Like A Crown’ will be put towards seeking out preventative measures, including identifying early risk factors amongst young women with no family history of the illness.

The money raised will go to the Christie hospital in Manchester, where Harding received treatment.

According to the BBC, the hospital have since begun their own crowdfunding campaign, raising money for their research in Harding’s absence. A spokesperson said that Harding “spoke often of the importance of funding this.”

Harding previously said that the Christie is “doing everything it can to create a future without cancer, but funding research is the only way it will succeed.”

Dr Sacha Howell, who treated Harding, will lead the research.

“It is hoped that by assessing these factors, women who may not usually fall into the at-risk category can be targeted using more accurate prediction models and early screening programmes to provide better outcomes,” a spokesperson for the doctor said.

Harding revealed in her autobiography Hear Me Out, which was released in March, that she had previously put off seeking out medical assistance for lumps she found under her arm in 2019.

When she eventually sought out medical treatment, “coronavirus hit and everything either went into slow motion or stopped altogether.”

“I was aware that I needed to get this health issue sorted, but with everything that was going on, it was tough.”

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