PREMIERE: Listen To Ryan Meeking’s New Up Tempo Bop, ‘Endless Run’

Ryan Meeking is sharing his debut single, ‘Endless Run’ this week. It’s a tight, up tempo, melodic bop and it’s a really fun listen.

Music Feeds is fortunate to be premiering ‘Endless Run’ today, ahead of its release on Wednesday, 14th July.

“You’re in the festival crowd. Drink it in,” says Ryan Meeking, setting the scene for ‘Endless Run’.

“Your friends, thousands of others, the music, the party, the complete loss of any sense of time and space – and who cares: the community in that.

‘Everything is now, everything is amazing and its just the beginning. Welcome to your ‘Endless Run’.”

The single combines Meeking’s smooth Chet Faker-esque vocals with menacing percussion and super tight production.

“I talk a lot about music production because it’s something I’m incredibly drawn to,” explains Meeking. “But nothing matters to me more than the song.”

“So making music is always a balance between these two elements.

“My affinity with music started with my grandparents’ piano and took root in the theatre, watching family perform in musicals like Les Misérables.

“Something about that art form stuck with me,” Ryan continues. “The bare, honest storytelling set to intricate, clever composition – music that doesn’t hold back.

He explains that he doesn’t write for theatre, but that those qualities are still something he’s constantly chasing in his own music.

“I guess I always think, ‘Why limit anything if the song can carry it?’ Making ‘Endless Run’ was no exception.”

Ryan Meeking will perform at a Small Time launch show next month. Find the details down below.

‘Endless Run’ will be available to stream on Wednesday, 14th July. Have a sneak listen below.

Ryan Meeking Launch Show

Thursday, 12th August
Small Time, Brunswick
Book a table: Small Time

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