PREMIERE: Listen to Oly Sherman’s Warm, Inviting Debut Album ‘Land of All Pretend’

Oly Sherman‘s debut album Land of All Pretend may be arriving in early winter, but it’s a quintessentially summer album.

Blissed out guitars, warm vocals and rich, sun-kissed textures permeate the 11-track record, which strikes the balance between building a lush sonic world while still feeling incredibly present. Sherman’s tender, vulnerable songwriting – in the same musical realm as The Middle East or Matt Corby – shines bright throughout.

“Every song on the album has both connotations with each other and their own unique tier. I think when I listen to the album as a whole, I like to think that it gives notions into the way my mind works, and what I value and find important,” the Sydney-based songwriter explains of album, which we’re premiering here at Music Feeds before it officially arrives tomorrow (18th June).

“When I also look back on it, I’ve discovered that I‘ve probably spent quite literally every day thinking, thriving, talking and working on this project.”

That commitment to the project is noticeable while listening to Land of All Pretend – it’s a remarkably cohesive record where each distinct part locks into place. While his commanding vocal presence takes centre stage, buoying each song and serving as a kind of musical touchstone, the detailed arrangements underneath comes together in a way that feels considered, and is very rewarding.

Stream Land of All Pretend below.

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