PREMIERE: Listen to Brigitte Bardini’s Sprawling New Single ‘Heartbreaker’

Singer-songwriter Brigitte Bardini‘s new single ‘Heartbreaker’ is a warm, ethereal pop cut that foregrounds her vocals with soft synth pads and some very sharp beatmaking.

Taking cues from French electronic duo Air, ‘Heartbreaker’ feels like an evolution from previous singles ‘Wild Ride’ and ‘Aphrodite’ – a little more sonically adventurous, and with Bardini sounding more confident than ever.

“Heartbreaker is about having something very special in your life and exploring that hypothetical situation in your mind that you might lose that thing,” Bardini explains. “A lyric like ‘I don’t want to lose my future to my past’ really captures that anxiety of lingering on past events and catastrophising about future events, and just trying to do my best to live in the moment.”

‘Heartbreaker’ is the third single to be lifted from Bardini’s forthcoming debut album Stellar Lights. The album, much of which was self-written and self-produced, is set to arrive in August.

Stellar Lights is mainly themed around embracing life. While being coming-of-age, it focuses on life’s fragilities, reflecting upon and learning from every moment and moving forward,” Bardini says.

“I feel that I took this approach to my writing for this album when I experienced a very vivid apocalyptic dream that felt like it woke me up to how fragile life is and how advantageous it is to embrace all of its elements with as little judgement as possible.”

Listen to ‘Heartbreaker’ below. Stellar Lights is out Monday, 30th August.

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