PREMIERE: Drapht Drops Video For ‘Problem Here’ ft. Complete & Eli Greeneyes

Perth hip hop old-timer Drapht has given us another taste of his upcoming album, Shadows and Shinings.

The new single, ‘Problem Here’, features guest appearances from Complete and Eli Greeneyes. It’s the second sample of Shadows and Shiningswhich is due out on Friday, 10th September.

The track will officially land later this evening, but you can check out the music video below exclusively via Music Feeds. ‘Problem Here’ is a rap-rock melting pot, drawing influence from Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly and Andre 3000.

“It was the last song written for my album,” says Drapht. “I had just bought my dream house in the hills of Perth and the week I moved all my stuff in, planes started flying over. Then I found termites in the roof, snakes in the backyard, and to top it all off, I have a toddler at home and I decided to throw a puppy in the mix just for some extra excitement. It was all a tad bit stressful…!”

The video was directed, filmed and edited by Uncool Sam and Complete at Drop Shot Media, both of who are close Perth friends of Drapht.

“This clip was loads of fun and super easy to make, as we just focused on bringing the lyrics to life within the house where the initial idea came about,” says Drapht. “Thankfully the termites and snakes weren’t living there anymore.”

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