PREMIERE: All Our Exes Live in Texas’ Hannah Crofts Debuts New Project Baby Velvet with ‘Call Me’

You may recognise Melbourne singer-songwriter Hannah Crofts as a member of indie-folk outfit All Our Exes Live in Texas, but today she’s unveiling her new solo moniker, Baby Velvet, having just signed with ABC Music for the project.

First single ‘Call Me’, which we’re premiering here at Music Feeds before it officially arrives tomorrow (20th August), is a rollicking, rhinestone-bedazzled country gem, delivered with Crofts’ distinctive croon and underscored by soaring harmonies. There’s a nostalgic, vintage feel to the aesthetics, but at its heart Crofts’ latest has an undeniable sincerity and tenderness running throughout.

“One thing I have always struggled with is the fact that if you have a mobile phone, it is expected that you must communicate regardless of whether you want to or not,” Crofts explains of the song’s lyrical themes. “I think about growing up with a home phone, if you weren’t home the person would leave a message and you could get back to them whenever you wanted.”

“The song is about having long stretches of depression and a general loss of identity and how sometimes you must tap in and out of life, choosing when you can come back in, taking a mental health break if you need it. This is a song about losing it all, the job/the relationship/the sense of self, but building it back up and then when I am ready, coming back into the world and answering my phone.”

‘Call Me’ arrives alongside a badass Thelma & Louise-inspired clip that sees three women, bonded by friendship, make their way through heists and getaways galore, cruising their convertible into the sunset. “No more responsibilities, nowhere to be, just a suitcase, a convertible and each other,” as Crofts puts it. “Throughout their journey, they rob banks, collect jewels and travel across the country together.”

Watch the video for ‘Call Me’ below.

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