My Chemical Romance Launch New ‘Danger Days’ Inspired Make Up Line

Some good news for beauty-obsessed emos, My Chemical Romance are launching a new make up line inspired by Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys.

They’ve partnered with HipDot to deliver a new make up range. It’s not their first collab with the brand. Last year they shared a Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge inspired make up line.

The line will include an eye shadow palette, eyeliner duo, eye primer, and a four-piece set of lip gloss. A clear highlight, the eye shadow palette is titled Art Is the Weapon and incorporates the Danger Days colours: neon pink and turquoise shades.

Each shadow is pressed with a Dangers Days spider.

It all comes in a sick boom box packaging.

Check out the line below, courtesy of HipDot’s Creative Director, Kerin Cunningham.

Here it is… The MCR x HIPDOT Danger Days box set. When I saw these photos for the first time I cried. The infamous boombox brings it all together and is an exact replica on all sides (plus some hidden easter eggs). I’m so proud of this collection.

— Kerin Cunningham HIPDOT X MCR (@KerinCunningham) July 8, 2021

My Chemical Romance has launched another make up line with HipDot previously. It was inspired by Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and it sold out in minutes.

Fans were pissed, with some claiming at the time they couldn’t even access the HipDot website.

HipDot have now promised My Chemical Romance fans that they’ll run pre-order for a week, with the boxes being made to pre-order.

“We’re doing things differently this time around to assure FANS get a chance to reserve their Limited Edition HIPDOTxMCR 2 Collectors Set,” the brand wrote.

“All Collectors Sets will be made to order, just for you!”

Pre-orders will be open for a week, starting Thursday, 22nd July. Register for pre-order here.

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