Listen To Pete Murray’s New Single ‘Hold Me Steady’

Listen To Pete Murray’s New Single ‘Hold Me Steady’

Pete Murray has shared a beautiful new single this morning. ‘Hold Me Steady’ is the first taster off of his forthcoming EP — yup another one. It follows up The Night, Murray’s last EP released just six months ago.

We don’t have a title for the new EP just yet but it’s set to drop early next year.

‘Hold Me Steady’ is a stunning new track.

“‘Hold Me Steady’ is about someone who you think is awesome,” explains Pete Murray. “This could be a partner, your child or anyone in your family.”

“The one thing that I want people to take from this song when they hear it is for it to remind them of a happy memory or time in their life – as well as for it to make them not be able to resist wanting to sing it very loud every time they hear it!”

The song was written in collaboration with The Dunwell Brothers in Leeds. Murray brought the song home but decided to keep their vocals in the final track.

“The Dunwell Brothers have such great vocals and the harmonies really make a fantastic feature of the song,” says a statement on the new single.

Listen to ‘Hold Me Steady’ below.

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