Lil Nas X Drops New Single ‘Industry Baby’ With Jack Harlow

Lil Nas X has shared a new single overnight. ‘Industry Baby’ is a collaborative effort with Jack Harlow and is an absolute tune.

‘Industry Baby’ will come with a music video. Lil Nas X has already teased the video with a prelude and with a message already disclosing it isn’t suitable for kids.

“Saying this in advance so y’all won’t blame me,” the rapper said in a TikTok video. “THE INDUSTRY BABY VIDEO IS NOT FOR YOUR KIDS!”

In the prelude, he’s on trial for his shoes… you know, from the great shoe debacle earlier this year.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this is about much more than shoes,” says a lawyer. “Mr. Nas X, are you gay?”

Watch the prelude for the music video below. The full video is expected to drop this afternoon.

Ahead of the release of ‘Industry Baby’, Lil Nas X shared an open letter to Twitter. He opened the letter, “Dear 20 year old Montero.”

“I wrote a song for us,” he begins.

“I know sometimes you feel like it’s all downhill from here. I know your sexuality has made you feel like an outcast amongst your peers. I know going from having the biggest song in the world to being trapped in your apartment is weighing heavy on you. And I know if you hear the phrase ‘one hit wonder’ one more time, you might combust.”

Read the open letter in full below.


— nope (@LilNasX) July 22, 2021

The new single is taken from Lil Nas X’s forthcoming, debut album Montero, which doesn’t yet have a release date.

He’s said the album will arrive in the US summer though, so we’re expecting it to land in the next month or so.

Listen to ‘Industry Baby’ below.

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