Kanye West Offers Fans A ‘Donda Stem Player’

Kanye West has been executing one helluva roll out for his forthcoming album, DONDA. The history of this record is tied up in the hype fans have been drawn up in recently.

Dedicated to his late mother, the DONDA album has already undergone many changes; the two listening parties Kanye has hosted in the last month has indicated that the final track list isn’t even ready in its final form. Still, fans have been able to hear, arguably, some of Kanye’s most coherent and vision-focused music in some time; not to mention features from everyone including Jay Z, Travis Scott, Pop Smoke and more.

And yet, and yet, Kanye is still finding ways to mystify and confuse fans and industry alike when it comes to the release of DONDA.

Now, Kanye has launched the ‘Donda Stem Player’. The player, which was mentioned by Kanye during an interview with Zane Lowe back in 2019, allows the user to customise any song on the record.

His website says that for USD $200.00, you can purchase the player and ‘control vocals, drums, bass and samples’, as well as layering your own effects and split the songs into their stem form.

The player is supposed to be shipped with copies of DONDA, though the final release date has already been shifted twice.

Come Friday, Kanye will be showcasing DONDA publicly again – this time bringing the show to Chicago’s Soldier Field.

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