Jason Sudeikis Compares ‘My Hero’ by Foo Fighters with ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2

The second season of Jason Sudeikis’ soccer comedy Ted Lasso recently arrived, and now the show’s star and co-creator has discussed how the new episodes share similarities with a Foo Fighters classic.

Appearing on Apple Music’s After School Radio with blink-182‘s Mark Hoppus, Sudeikis opened up about the Fooeys’ 1998 single ‘My Hero’ and the impact it’s had on him throughout the years.

“‘My Hero’ was the first time that I heard a song and I felt I saw a whole movie about that song. At least my interpretation of it. I’ve never spoken to Gus [Brandt] nor Dave [Grohl] or any of the guys in the band about what that song is about. But I knew what it was about for me, and some of those themes are literally being used in Season 2 of Ted Lasso,” Sudeikis explained.

“Just the idea of false prophets or don’t meet your heroes or the idea of all statues have clay feet, I think is another example of that. People are human… I pay attention when a song becomes a muse, whether you end up using the tune or not. I saw a beginning, middle and end to a story in that song for me. That was really profound at 21-years-old, 22-years-old, having just moved to Chicago to try this acting out.”

Season two of Ted Lasso premiered on Apple TV+ last month. In October, it was renewed for a third (and likely final) season.

Foo Fighters, meanwhile, have been keeping busy in recent months, playing multiple arena shows in the US, including a huge gig at Madison Square Garden that saw them cover Radiohead alongside Dave Chappelle. The band also recently released Hail Satin, their debut album as their disco alter-egos the Dee Gees, containing a mix of Bee Gees covers and live cuts from latest studio album Medicine at Midnight.

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