Fully Vaccinated Nick Cave Hails “Momentous Time In Medical History”

Nick Cave has published a strong statement of support for the COVID vaccines. The fully vaccinated musician also reflected on the death of Hal Willner and the spurious COVID treatment, Ivermectin, in his latest blog post.

Australian musician Nick Cave responded to three separate, though linked questions for the latest issue of The Red Hand Files, his ask-me-anything blog series.

“Can you tell us anything about the late, great Hal Willner?” asked Patrick from San Francisco. “Are you going to take the Covid vaccine? I’ve heard horror stories about spiritualists taking it and saying their soul feels dead,” asked Nicholas from Plainville, USA. And Sandra from Portland wanted Cave’s opinion of “Ivermectin as a prophylactic against Covid.”

Willner, an American music producer and concert director, passed away in April 2020 from COVID-19. “Hal Willner was a great man with a beautiful soul,” writes Cave. “If there had been a vaccine available at that time Hal may still be alive today.”

Cave received his second jab of an unspecific COVID vaccine on 26th May and he feels privileged to be the beneficiary of such advanced, high-speed scientific breakthroughs. “It feels to me that this is a momentous time in medical history,” he writes. As for the vaccines’ impact on the soul, he feels optimistic.

“I suspect the soul is robust enough to stand its ground against a remedy that will save so many lives. But who really knows about matters of the soul?”

Cave thinks little of Ivermectin, meanwhile, writing that “the evidence for its effectiveness appears speculative.” By contrast, the efficacy of the vaccine “is fact,” says Cave. “I feel I can move safely through the world with more than dog worming pills and an inflated belief in my own immune system for protection.”

He ends with some words of love dedicated to Willner, who he worked with on projects honouring Kurt Weill and Marc Bolan. “I miss Hal very much. I am looking forward to the time when the world emerges from its derangement and Hal’s friends can come together, in love, to pay tribute to this remarkable man.”

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