For Fans Of: Violent Soho | Introducing: Brisbane’s Concrete Surfers

For Fans Of: Violent Soho | Introducing: Brisbane’s Concrete Surfers

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Check out today’s ‘For Fans Of’ feature artist below.

Feature Artist: Concrete Surfers

For Fans Of: Violent Soho, Dear Seattle, Dune Rats, WAAX

Hometown: Brisbane

Genre: garage rock, punk rock

The 411:
Concrete Surfers are a four-piece garage rock, punk rock band hailing from Brisbane. They’ll fit in well to any Violent Soho, Dune Rats, or WAAX fan’s collection and it’s not just a Brisbane thing.

They craft infectious, fun, and catchy AF punk rock tracks and they slap. It’s the fun of Dune Rats, with the sincerity of WAAX, and the fine musical craftsmanship of Violent Soho and Dear Seattle.

The ‘Surfers have been on the scene for more than a hot minute now but it was their My Life On Repeat EP that put them on the musical map back in 2019.

This year, they released a string of singles, including ‘Driving’, ‘Eat The Rich’, and ‘Cricket’ leading to their latest EP, Calamities.

Concrete Surfers’ portfolio to date gives the impression that their debut album is going to blow TF up. (And we can’t wait for it.)

Calamities is the band’s second EP and it’s a garage rock delight. It’s the tightest production ever seen from the group and every element of each song is just bang on.

In songs like ‘Eat The Rich’ and ‘Cricket’ they alternate between jangly rock and just thrashing in. But when they do thrash, the percussion is tight, the riffs are still controlled, and the vocals still bang.

Concrete Surfers don’t need to compromise on quality to go hard — this is a band in control of their sound and they’re bloody excellent.


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