For Fans Of: Middle Kids | Introducing: Brisbane Indie-Rockers Cheap Date

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Feature Artist: Cheap Date

For Fans Of: Middle Kids, Julia Jacklin, Hatchie

Hometown: Brisbane

Genre: Indie-rock, alt-pop

The 411:

Meet Cheap Date, a new indie-rock band with pop sensibilities coming out of Brisbane.

The five-piece have burst onto Brissie’s music scene with two tracks under their belt: ‘Beside Me’ and their latest, ‘Woman To You’. Led by vocalist, Lara Dee, the band creates infectious bops that marry pop with rock.

Dee has a real knack for storytelling through songs, borrowing from that quintessentially Australian punk-rock convention. The band has found the perfect balance between serious and fun with these two tracks so far.

‘Woman To You’ is the band’s second and latest single.

“‘Woman To You’ is a song that I wrote as a way to express and come to terms with my sexuality as a young adult,” says the band’s Lara Dee.

“I had spent my whole teenage life convinced that I would grow up, get a job, find a husband, build that white picket fence and have kids.

“‘Beside Me’ was written about the last real relationship I had with a man before coming out as bisexual. This song is the follow up to that.

“It is really an expression of obsession. Which sounds a bit creepy… but I mean it in the most innocent way. I was suddenly allowing myself to feel and think about women in a way that felt natural and inherently like my true self.”


Stunning vocals layered over a healthy mix of dreamy synth sounds and rock-geared percussion. Cheap Date creates these sonically dreamy tracks that are directly juxtaposed by scathing, edgy lyrics. It’s a lot of fun.


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