For Fans Of: Interpol | Introducing: Perth Indie-Rockers, Echo Adore

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Check out today’s ‘For Fans Of’ feature artist below.

Feature Artist: Echo Adore

For Fans Of:  Interpol, British India, Franz Ferdinand

Hometown: Perth

Genre:  Indie-Rock, Alt-Pop

The 411:

Meet Echo Adore, a duo hailing from Perth. With a string of singles under their belts, Damian Diggs and Oliver James have coined the terms “gloom pop” and “melancholy rock” to describe their sound and it’s pretty bang on.

They came onto the scene in 2019 with debut single ‘Caught In History’. Their most recent single is ‘See Red’, which you can listen to up above.

Live Dates:

Friday, 30th July
The Aardvark, Fremantle
Tickets: Eventbrite

Saturday, 31st July
The Firestation, Busselton
Tickets: Free


‘See Red’ sees Echo Adore combine clever songwriting with a hazy rock sound. It has that droning out sound of Interpol and Bloc Party with the pop sensibilities of British India and Franz Ferdinand.

The guitar sounds are whirring, the percussion is on point, and the vocals portray all the emotion from the lyrics.

“There were a lot of violent events on the news during that time and we were trying to navigate that mindset,” say Echo Adore.

“One particular event inspired Damian to write the lyrics as an internal dialogue.

“The music and lyrics both began to reflect the anger and vengeance of the character in the song, a story about betrayal and disillusion.”


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