Finneas Announces His Debut Album ‘Optimist’

With Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever album out and dominating, Finneas has now found time to announce an album all his own.

Optimist is the name of the American producer and musician’s debut album; one that can definitely be counted as long awaited.

I mean, Finneas’ track record speaks for itself: the guy can write. As one of the brains behind one of the most significant pop records of the 2010s (Billie’s When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?), Finneas has been taking his time building up his own body of work.

‘Til now, he has released a string of singles under his own name, and a debut EP in Blood Harmony back in 2019. But it’s album time now for Finneas and from Optimist, we have the first hint of what the full product sounds like.

Its first single is ‘A Concert Six Months From Now’, a track that also has a music video out now featuring Finneas in a deserted Hollywood Bowl. Obviously, it’s timely given the up-in-the-air environment live music is in everywhere. 

Still, it’s an exciting move for Finneas fans, who have been hanging out to see what kind of statement of intent his debut album will be.

Watch the video for ‘A Concert Six Months From Now’, below.

Optimist will be released on October 15th through Interscope.

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