Britney Spears Is Unsure If She’ll Ever Perform Onstage Again

Britney Spears says she’s not sure if she’ll ever perform onstage again, with the pop star posting a new video to her Instagram answering questions purportedly asked by fans. In early 2019, Spears announced an “indefinite work hiatus” amid the cancellation of a planned Las Vegas residency.

“Am I ready to take the stage again? Will I ever take the stage again? I have no idea,” Spears answers in the brief clip. “I’m having fun right now. I’m in a transition in my life and I’m enjoying myself, so that’s it.” Watch the video below.


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This Wednesday (23rd June), Spears will directly address the court regarding the legal dispute around her conservatorship for the first time in over a decade, following a request from her lawyer, Samuel Ingham. Spears’ father Jamie has had control over the singer’s finances and career since 2008, stepping away temporarily in 2019 due to health reasons. Britney last attempted to have him removed permanently in August last year.

Spears has rarely attended court hearings and has not discussed the matter publicly. However, back in March, Ingham filed a petition on Spears’ behalf to have her father permanently removed as her conservator, to be replaced with Jodi Montgomery, who replaced Jamie Spears on a temporary basis in 2019. If successful, the case would make Montgomery the sole conservator of Spears’ person.

Spears’ longstanding conservatorship received renewed attention earlier this year with the release of the documentary Framing Britney Spears, which, along with the conservatorship, focused on her career and intense media scrutiny, reigniting interest in her case and the #FreeBritney movement.

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