BABYMETAL Celebrate 10th Anniversary With New NFT Release

BABYMETAL are bringing NFTs into their anniversary celebrations!

The Japanese group were hugely successful with their first NFT drop – a run of BABYMETAL trading cards – so it makes total sense for their next NFT drop to follow suit.

Reported by Blabbermouth, the anniversary drop will consist of 20 digital trading cards, split over three ‘rarity’ levels. The levels come in ‘Common’, ‘Rare’ and ‘Super Rare’. The design of the cards feature images from BABYMETAL’s hectic shows at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo earlier this year.

The 10 BABYMETAL Budokan collection will go for USD $35 and come in a digital-only five pack, chosen at random. There will only be 2,500 packs available, with 1,000 exclusive ‘Mechapack’ bundles that include a 15-card pack and the 10 BABYMETAL Budokan live album on gold vinyl (USD $125).

The album features the live audio of the final show of the group’s ten show run that spanned January through to April this year.

“BABYMETAL’s approach to NFTs is as innovative as its music, and our team celebrates the arrival of their divine inspiration on WAX [blockchain],” says Lee Jenkins, production manager at WAX.

You’ll be able to make your transactions via credit card and PayPal, but you’ll need a WAX wallet in order to buy and actually receive the NFTs.

This new run of BABYMETAL NFT trading cards drops on September 9th.

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